Stutter Stars

Stutter Stars

Stutter Star (previously Fluency Friends) uses AI and speech recognition technology to provide real-time feedback on a person’s speech patterns, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and work on strategies to improve their fluency. The game’s use of speech pathology science can help both adults and children learn effective techniques for managing their stutter and speaking with greater ease.



Our app is free to download and the first island is free to play! You’ll be able to experience seven different exercises with over 30 mini-games to discover.while on your journey.



This unique speech therapy app is a full-length game that will help support speech communication, fluency, naturalness, and mindfulness.


Stay Motivated - Helper characters in the game listen to your speech, provide immediate feedback, and use scaffolding to teach new concepts. Scaffolding is used by speech and language pathologists to help people learn incrementally. This increases motivation and helps build consistency.


Use Your Own Voice - Our speech recognition engine has been trained to respond to many types of responses, speaking styles, and input. Fluent speech, communication style, and naturalness of speech are really what the helpers are listening for.


See Your Results - When you speak during the gameplay, your speech production is displayed in easy-to-read graphs. We visualize your gameplay and show how many words were successfully produced and ones that are challenging.


Automatic Reporting - For teachers, parents, SLPs, or you, we automatically generate reports which you can see in the game or send to yourself in a beautiful pdf or doc file. This gives a snapshot of your performance and shows all the words you spoke correctly or which ones needed some extra help.


The Science - In each part of the game, press the pause button and you will see the ‘Science’ button. A small video will appear to explain the reason behind your practice. Not to mention all the tips and facts that are always on display.



- Turning your vocal cords on and off

- Easy Onset

- Light Contact

- Speaking slowly or working on your rate of speech

- Changing your pitch

- Changing your loudness or amplitude

- Chunking, parsing, or learning to pause

- Breathing exercises to practice mindfulness

- Sustained phonation exercises to see how you can promote breath support

- Practice initiating all speech sounds

- Practice speaking under pressure



We are speech recognition engineers who have closely consulted speech therapists, neurologists, linguists, and people who stutter. We have spoken at the European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders and presented at the Oxford Dysfluency Conference. Our consultations have included professors from Northwestern University and the University of Texas, executives from the American Board of Fluency and Fluency Disorders, and the President of the International Fluency Association and Head of the European Stuttering Specialization.


So what are you waiting for? Play Stutter Stars today!



The Stutter Stars is not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment of fluency and fluency disorders. We strongly encourage users to seek advice from a speech and language pathologist in addition to using this app. SAT IT Labs does not guarantee 100% fluency. Stutter Stars is not a cure for stuttering. SAY IT Labs expressly does not claim responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained in this game. Never disregard professional health advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this site.






Story Mode & Practice Mode - Story Mode takes you on a journey through the world, while Practice Mode allows you to practice any technique on command. Your voice, your choice