Step Up Cup

Step Up Cup

Step Up Cup

The Step Up Cup has features needed in a child’s first drinking cup. The raised lip makes it easier for children learning to drink to close their mouth around the cup.

Features You'll Love

  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 4 Ounce Capacity


Raised, Wide, Thickened Lip

The Step Up Cup has this unique and essential feature for children who are learning to drink.  This gives them the necessary, wide surface to seal their mouth on the cup edge.


Easy to Grip Handles

The Step Up Cup features a clear lid, with a small mouth opening to limit liquid flow and allow a parent, teacher, or caregiver to see how much liquid is left in the cup.


A central groove running from the top of the cup edge to the top of the cup lip directs the liquid flow to the center of the mouth, limiting the amount of liquid lost from the corners of the mouth while drinking.