Speech and Language Academy

Speech and Language Academy

A library of fully interactive activities for speech and language practice with built-in data tracking for each student.

Smarty Ears announced today that it has taken its passion for making special education solutions to a whole new level with the launch of its new web-based application Speech and Language Academy. 

Speech and Language Academy is a versatile library of fully interactive activities for Speech-Language Pathologists to use with students to support speech and language outcomes. It includes many activities and games that mirror the most popular Smarty Ears apps.

Smarty Ears is already widely known and revered from within the speech-language pathologist community for its high-quality and innovative educational iPad apps. A few of its apps have even been featured in the highly coveted Apple educational apps "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" sections of the App Store and many of the company's 60 apps have stayed for years on Apple's best-selling educational apps list. With this latest release, speech-language pathologists will no longer be confined to just the Apple ecosystem. Additionally, it will provide a platform where they can bring together a wide variety of different speech and language activities which can be worked on in a cohesive manner and scale unlike anything that has been seen before. 

"Our company's mission has always been to develop exceptional speech and language tools that are accessible, not only for Speech-Language Pathologists but parents and educators as well. With the launch of the Speech and Language Academy, we've taken a giant leap forward in our mission by developing a growing library of activities that are accessible from any modern browser on any device. The value is incredible, and we're so excited to offer it at a price point that virtually anyone can afford," says CEO Barbara Fernandes.

Adjective Remix on Speech and Language Academy

This video shows one of many activities on Speech and Language Academy: Adjective Remix You can get your free seven day trial now at: https://speechandlanguageacademy.com

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