Create sentences in your own voice -- record short sound bites and arrange them into sentences.


Therapy exercises: Use built-in workbooks to practice sentence structures ranging from simple to complex. Use other workbooks to create speech on different topics such as family, likes and dislikes, memories, and advice.


Social connectedness: Insert your own photos, record sentences about them, and share your enhanced speech from within the program. Your speech and pictures are turned into videos that you can share via email, messaging, Facebook, Instagram, or other options in the iPad sharing menu.


Other features: word-finding support, ability to add text, and customization tools for clinicians to create and share new workbooks.


This research-based app was developed for people with non-fluent aphasia, but the rich support it provides for speech production may be helpful with fluent aphasia, children's language disorders, or speech intelligibility disorders. The integration of text makes it an excellent tool for reading programs.