SAY Speech Therapy

SAY Speech Therapy

SAY Speech Therapy is provided by a bilingual, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with expertise in stuttering therapy.

At SAY Speech Therapy, we believe that there is more to each child who stutters than the way that he or she talks. We take a holistic approach to stuttering therapy that includes not only speech behaviors, but also the thoughts and feelings that can have a very real impact on a child’s confidence, communication skills, and quality of life. 

Because stuttering varies so much between individuals—and even from day to day as a child grows—we embrace a flexible approach to speech therapy that aims to meet each child and family where they are in the moment. By drawing on a range of evidence-supported therapy tools, we can individually tailor therapy for the best possible impact, regardless of age.

SAY Speech Therapy offers a full spectrum of professional, bilingual (English & Spanish) services for children who stutter, ages 2-18, including DIAGNOSTIC EVALUATIONS, INDIVIDUAL THERAPY, and SUPPORT FOR PARENTS & OTHER PROFESSIONALS.

For more information, visit or contact Fergie Cantos, MS CCC-SLP, TSSLD-BE at or 212.414.9696 extension 205.