REST® is backed up by a long history of proven benefits.

The benefits of equine motion are time-tested and scientifically proven.

Greek writings as far back as 400 BC mention the healing effects of a slow walking horse in treating both motor and sensory impairments.

Through decades of peer reviewed scientific research, the use of equine movement has evolved into an effective, medically supported therapy used by physical, occupational and speech therapists, as well as psychologists and other mental health practitioners.

By employing the slow, rhythmic movements of a horse, their patients routinely show improved balance, posture, mobility, coordination and strength. Mentally, patients experience improved cognitive, behavioral and communication skills, as well as an increase in focus and calmness. All these benefits are due to the fact that a horse’s walking motion simultaneously activates both left and right hemispheres of the brain, and the area of the brain that controls attention, impulses and activity levels.

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REST for Speech and Language Pathologists

REST® provides equine motion which helps relax, calm, and focus children with neurobehavioral disabilities. Unlike a wobble stool or wiggle seat that requires the child to make regular postural adjustments to stay upright, REST moves through a series of motions that replicate the gait of a slow walking horse. This constant vestibular input allows children to focus on the task as opposed to the creation of motion. Children who experience vestibular sensitivities may prefer REST to a wobble stool.

Lila Griffith, M.S., CCC-SLP, Owner & Founder, Without Limits Speech Therapy of Winchester

Lila Griffith, M.S., CCC-SLP, is the founder and owner of Without Limits Speech Therapy of Winchester, Virginia. She and her associates have been consistently using REST in their practice, and have witnessed first hand increased eye contact and sustained attention to non-preferred activities.

REST - Basic Operations

Want to know how easy it is to set up and use REST? Just watch this brief video. Then plug it in, sit your client on it, and get to work!

  • REST is ideal for your SLP practice because it brings the proven benefits of therapeutic horseback riding to your office without any of the hassles of actual hippotherapy. No feeding. No manure! We call it "Pony in a Box!"
  • REST is 18" high , the same height as any classroom or home table to bring the benefits of hippotherapy to every setting, even an SLP's practice office!
  • Occupational and physical therapists use REST as a therapeutic tool.
  • Power on. Select one of ten speeds to match your client's comfort. Ask your client to sit on REST, and it starts automatically!
  • REST goes wherever it is needed! Handles allow you to pick it up, and two wheels let you pull it into place.
  • Accidents happen, but the hard exterior of REST is easy to clean. Its blue color is based on the look and feel of jeans, making it familiar to even the most anxious.