Cognivue Thrive

Cognivue Thrive

Cognivue is a world-class neuroscience company focusing on human cognitive function and mental health. The Cognivue device and technology is based on years of research that uses adaptive psychophysics to focus on cortical information processing by testing key cognitive domains. Cognivue technology significantly improves the ability of healthcare providers to implement a personalized assessment of cognitive function in a wide variety of care settings, including hearing health. As audiologic practice continues to evolve to include more comprehensive patient evaluation and outcome measures, Cognivue is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of diverse hearing health professionals looking to better understand how patients are performing along the ear-to-brain pathway, leading to more holistic assessments, individualized care plans, and realistic expectations.

Through a laptop-sized, portable device, Cognivue technology objectively, quantitatively, and reliably identifies changes in cognitive function that could be indicative of an impairment that may be treated or managed by a healthcare professional.  In an audiological setting, it provides additional insights into a patient’s ability to process sound, particularly in complex listening environments. Unlike traditional paper and pencil cognitive screening methods, Cognivue assessment tools are:

Personalized: Assesses all cognitive domains with a highly sensitive test that is supported by the science of adaptive psychophysics.

Consistent: Calibrated the same across all devices, ensuring consistency and retest reliability while eliminating human error and bias in administering and scoring the test.

User-friendly: Patient administered, producing a report that is easy to understand and communicate, with clinically meaningful correlations within key cognitive domains.

Cognivue is proud to be collaborating with pharmaceutical and medical device industries as well as national recognized professional institutions, organizations, and advocates on joint clinical research opportunities. These types of partnerships will facilitate additional clinical data that further supports the use of Cognivue as a reliable and sensitive alternative to traditional cognitive screening methods.