Clint is a brain training program for adults and autonomous seniors wishing to stimulate their memory and cognitive functions, available on tablets and smartphones. 

This program allows speech language therapists to help and advise their patients after a stroke, as a program for aphasia or even to regain functions post-COVID, with an adapted brain training program to work on all their cognitive functions in a fun and stimualting way.  

With more than 28 games, the Clint app offers a solution to personnalize and adapt the training to each person, with the possibility to challenge family and friends remotely. 

Discover Clint, the SLP program for a stimulating rehab therapy

Discover our Clint app, the brain training program on tablet and smartphones for adults and autonomous seniors with cognitive disorders. More than 30 fun games to work on the memory, attention and reflexes.

Clint presentation

Read more about our Clint program and the best uses for a complete cognitive training in a fun and stimulating way. The users can discover all the different ways to challenge themselves through the various features Clint offers.

Aphasia and other cognitive impairments

Discover the benefits of the Clint games and how they can improve and stimulate the different cognitive functions in the training of cognitive decline such as aphasia, stroke, MCI's.

Expressive and receptive language for adults and autonomous seniors

Learn all about expressive and receptive language for adults who want to stimulate their memory and cognitive functions after a stroke, for aphasia and after traumatic brain injuries for instance.