Clearly Audiobooks app

Clearly Audiobooks app

Clearly Audiobooks app, an enhanced audiobook with personalized auditory training program for hearing loss.

Train your brain and improve your hearing while enjoying listening to stories with Clearly Audiobooks. An enhanced audiobook with a built-in personalized program including a range of enhanced speech modes and support features​ to help people with hearing loss improve their listening abilities​. Available on iPad and iPhone. One-week free trial of the full version!

Key to our Auditory training is listening at times to the audiobooks with background noise, which improves speech recognition by training you to tune into the narrator voice amidst competing background noise. Training to hear a specific voice with background noise translates to many real-world situations, such as crowded restaurants, outside at a park, group meetings, fitness classes and many other social situations.


  • Personalized: Adapts to your hearing abilities and timeline so you can train at your own pace.
  • Easy to Track Progress: Check in for real-time feedback on weekly goals that adapt to your hearing progress.
  • Entertaining: Pick the audiobooks you enjoy listening to!
  • Motivating: Visually appealing interactive dashboard to meet and beat your goals!
  • Simplicity: Built to be easy to use and accessible for all. Seamlessly change your speech modes and support features directly on the book-playing page.
  • Portable: Sufficiently intensive listening program, since it can be accessed any time of day or location at your convenience. Provides 20 hours of audiobooks and unlimited rounds of the training program.