APP2Speak® AAC app

APP2Speak® AAC app

APP2Speak is a complete solution for anyone who has difficulty speaking. The app is accessible and compatible with the accessibility features for low vision, touch accommodations, and Bluetooth switches.

APP2Speak is created in English. To gain access to other languages change the language and region on your device settings and personalize APP2Speak text-to-speech and custom pages.  

Users take advantage of preprogrammed common phrases that allow them to quickly express their everyday needs. The app is easily customizable and requires no special training.

Users can create custom phrases using their own photos or take a photo within the app. The app uses a pre-recorded (or any voice that you personally record) to speak your message to family and friends.  

Custom pages are endless. Create and save one or more phrases per photo for convenient conversation.

Set your preference to start APP2Speak on either the pre-set communication page, text-to-speech page or custom pages. APP2Speak’s text-to-speech feature is a quick way to program and access phrases you use frequently. This means conversations can flow naturally and effortlessly. You can even choose your own enhanced display.

APP2Speak designed and created for individuals who experience speech and communication impairments as a result of a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson Disease, ALS, autism, and other conditions effecting speech and communication.

  • APP2Speak AAC app on iPhone with endless custom pages
  • APP2Speak AAC app on iPad record a familar voice for personalization on the custom pages
  • Create multiple phrases and sentences to participate in conversation
  • Text to speech feature - quickly program and access phrases that you use frequently